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Battle of Saipan

Photos from 1944

The following pictures were obtained by David Moore during the battle of Saipan from a military photographer whose darkroom was near his bivouac on the beach. Click on the images to get a bigger picture.  See Pictures of Saipan - 1996 for an idea of what Saipan looks like today.

Amtracks heading for the beach. Landing craft headed for the beach.
Men on a pontoon barge loading landing craft.  Note the landing craft that has been abandoned. After the beachhead was taken.
Men posing at a foxhole. A pontoon barge that was used to move material
from ships to the beach.
Another view of a pontoon barge.  This is the
type of pontoon barge David Moore worked on
during the battle of Saipan.
A view of the dock at the beachhead.
Material stacked on the barges waiting to be
LST unloading trucks at the temporary pier created at the beachhead from pontoon barges.
Click here to see photos of modern Saipan taken in 1996 taken by David Moore.
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A view of the beachhead from the pier.